Member Benefits

A.C.E. Chiro-Team Training focuses on practical information and profitable results. The courses are geared to help your CAs to:

  • Maximize collectionsvalue pie round
  • Systematize office procedures
  • Eliminate stress and foster teamwork
  • Provide a higher quality of service
  • Learn effective communication strategies
  • Perform successful financial consultations
  • Manage the front desk without chaos
  • Understand the philosophy of subluxation-focused chiropractic
  • Generate referrals on a daily basis
  • Increase patient compliance and retention
  • Have a winning attitude, focus and purpose
  • Create a “wow” experience with patients
  • Transform new patients into long-term clients


A.C.E. Chiro-Team Training is an online CA Coaching Program. Each month, we focus on a different topic, based on the universal principle that whatever you focus on expands. By targeting one core topic a month, your team will be able to systemize your practice success. You’ve probably attended an all-day or even a weekend seminar in the past. More than likely, your team was overwhelmed with a barrage of changes, which actually makes any attempt at growth rather counterproductive. Creating an environment of chaos in your office repels most patients. A.C.E. Chiro-Team Training is based on providing practical solutions that yield profitable results.



After each monthly course, members are encouraged to complete an A.C.E. Journal that helps them commit to action steps for growth and evaluate their progress from previous months. The A.C.E. Journal is a fantastic tool for doctors to track their CAs success and hold their team members accountable.

A.C.E. members who complete and submit A.C.E. Journals on all 14 core topics receive an A.C.E. Certification.

Members receive all the benefits of A.C.E. Chiro-Team Training for just $147 per month for your entire team to participate. Online courses save you a ton…no travel, lodging or meal expenses. Consider how many extra referrals, kept appointments, and patients pre-paying for their recommended care it would take to cover this investment…it’s basically a “no-brainer.”

For even more savings, members can pre-pay for all 14 topics and enjoy a 10% discount, plus continued access to each course during their membership.

Upon completing all 14 core topics of A.C.E. Chiro-Team Training, you will be considered a Diamond Member and will receive a 20% savings on regular tuition rates. This membership category is a way for you to continue to get the latest and greatest information and motivation at a refresher rate. Of course we’re always improving our own systems and love sharing what works best with you. Whether your team is experienced and realizes that continuing to focus on A.C.E. success strategies helps them reach even higher levels of excellence, or your office is growing and you have some new CAs on your team…A.C.E. Chiro-Team Training will continue to yield a phenomenal return on investment!

You can determine the most convenient time for your team to complete each month’s online course. Your team can access each course as much as needed until the last day of each month in the members only area. If you need more time, you may renew a course once it’s archived for just $25 per month.

Another benefit of A.C.E. membership is the online Synergy Forum that members can access anytime. It’s like a mastermind or brainstorming session where the members get a chance to share. This is the forum for members to ask involved questions, share their progress with implementing material from the courses, get help with challenges your office is facing, or pats on the back for achieved goals or other wins. The Synergy Forum a tremendous resource because there are literally thousands of years of CA experience available…amazing ideas often emerge!

If you like the forms or scripts that Kim shares, you can download the original file from the website in the members only area.

A.C.E. Chiro-Team Training provides truly positive fellowship and motivation for your CAs. They will take pride in the role they play in your office and in chiropractic. Well-trained CAs are absolutely priceless!