Mention philosophy and many people start to tune out… because they don’t understand the tremendous power that comes from the knowledge it brings. When your team truly gets the value of chiropractic philosophy, they’ll be better equipped to educate patients and bring in members of the community. When your team can speak freely about the philosophy of chiropractic, you’ll see:

• Higher Retention (of patients AND staff!)

• More Referrals

• Better Compliance

• Increased Collections

Our best CAs are phenomenal at the details we need them focused on, but few are able to speak comfortably about WHY patients should come in and stick to your care plans.

It can be very challenging for you to run the practice AND find ways to effectively teach philosophy… so we’re going to help you out.

In this month’s course, we are going to share an AMAZING member of our industry who excels at showing your staff exactly how to grasp and use the science of chiropractic.

Dr. Heidi Haavik will be presenting our A.C.E. Chiro-Team training course this month. This 1-hour presentation is available online in video format, so your entire team can access it however and whenever it’s convenient for them as often as they need 24/7 NOW until the end of the month. Not only will this presentation re-ignite your team’s passion,  but it also includes potential action steps to put philosophy into action to help build your practice. 

Dr Haavik is one of the most popular chiropractic speakers in the world today. Director of Research at New Zealand Chiropractic College, Dr Haavik is best known for her groundbreaking research on the impact of chiropractic adjustments on the brain and central nervous system.


When you start your training program with us (just $147 per month), you’ll unlock SEVEN archived sessions from other guest speakers sharing the philosophy of chiropractic. This month could be an excellent opportunity to dive in and get access to these special bonuses to excite and ignite your team!