Lifeline Basic Training for New CAs

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Do you need a quick simple and effective program to get a new or existing CA up and running?

Then you want the Lifeline Basic Training NOW!

It’s 4 modules (approximately 2 hours total) of webinars, plus downloadable handouts that will help train your new CA on:

Module 1: Chiropractic Philosophy, CA Basics & Mindset

  • The Nervous System and SpineThe Spine
  • Innate Intelligence
  • Subluxation (causes and results)
  • Chiropractic Care
  • The Role and Ultimate Goal of a CA
  • Inside Out Success (attitude, mindset, etc.)

Module 2: Communication & Telephone


  • Keys for Every InteractionTypes of Phone Calls
  • Building Rapport
  • Telephone Skills
  • 8 Steps for Scheduling Current Patients
  • Scheduling New Patients including Intake Form
  • Re-scheduling Current Patients
  • Handling Cancellations
  • Overcoming 12 Appointment Barriers
  • Handling Other Phone Calls
  • Pat Responses to Common Questions

 Module 3: Front Desk


  • PreparationFront Desk
  • Mindset
  • 10 Steps for Check-in
  • 5 Steps for Check-out
  • New and Update Patients
  • Other Front Desk Scenarios

Module 4: Front Desk DutiesFront Desk Duties

  • Opening Duties
  • Shift Duties
  • Closing Duties

Cost: $297 for 12-month access to all 4 modules (A.C.E. Members: $197 for ongoing access – Login to access the promo code).

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