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“I have been a chiropractor for 30+ years and been to every practice management program in the book. Kim Klapp puts out the best and most USEABLE employee handbook manual I have ever seen.” – Christophe Dean, D.C.

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  • Office Systems Reference Guide: over 255 pages of the procedures, scripts, policies and systems we utilize in our high-volume, high-profit, low-stress office. This guide is in Microsoft Word format so that you can modify it to suit your office. Allow it to serve as a prototype that you can fully customize for your office. View Table of Contents.
  • Forms Appendix: over 100 forms in PDF format for easy perusal PLUS the original Microsoft Office files so you can quickly and easily implement the forms you like in your own office. View Forms Appendix listing.

OSRG CoverOur Office Systems Reference Guide solved all sorts of problems in our office. Not only did it allow us to train new team members completely, correctly and efficiently, but it also serves as the “reference” for which it was named. We encourage veteran CA’s to continue to use the Office Systems Reference Guide much as one would double check the spelling of a word in the dictionary. It goes far beyond a training guide. It contains the procedures, checklists, forms and systems integral to running our high-volume, high-profit, low-stress office. It’s not some generalized procedure manual, though. It’s extremely detailed information of how we do just about everything.

The Office Systems Reference Guide is the product of many years of trial and error in running a high-volume successful office. Because I personally believe that there is always a better way of doing things, our office procedures and this guide are continually improving as our team modifies and creates more and more efficient and effective systems. It contains comprehensive, step-by-step instructions on exactly how our office runs efficiently, smoothly and profitably (with collections over $1 million annually).

I have spent a tremendous amount of time and energy streamlining our procedures, scripts and forms so that they are successful no matter which member of our highly-trained team is utilizing them. I have included as much detail as possible, so that this guide actually serves as a comprehensive reference.

Many of the systems in this guide originated out of necessity. Dr. Klapp and I travel a lot (vacationing each month plus extensive travel for chiropractic seminars and meetings), and these systems keep our office running smoothly, successfully and consistently reaching new goals. Our systems even kept our office on par while we took 2 months off for the birth of our daughter. This information will save you a huge amount of stress and countless hours in developing your own office manual from scratch. Plus you’ll learn some great secrets to our success!

Cost: $497 (A.C.E. Basic Members: $397 / A.C.E. Gold Members: $297 – Login to access the promo code).

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