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How Important is the Right CA at Your Front Desk?

Doc, it may be your business, but your front desk CA is the one in control.

  • Your front desk CA keeps patients on their recommended care plan schedule… or not.
  • They handle collections the right way… or not.
  • They ask for referrals daily… or they don’t.
  • They educate patients to understand the true value of what you do… or they don’t.
  • They kickstart your “wow” experience for each and every patient…or they don’t.

Do you see where this is going?

Front desk CAs take the brunt of the challenges in your practice. For most, this frustration, overwhelm, and burnout turn into patients missing appointments, cancelling care, and disappearing altogether. For the “rock star” CAs, their organization, preparation, and capability to excel make it easy for your practice to flourish because they are able to take the good, the bad, and all of the ugly in stride.

So how do you get one of these “rock star” CAs? Can you help your current front desk CA become one?

Yep. Let me show you how.

I’m sharing “Front Desk Mastery to Make Your Practice Flourish” for the April A.C.E. Chiro-Team Training. This 1-hour presentation is available online, so your entire team can access it however and whenever it’s convenient for them as often as they need 24/7 NOW until the end of the month. Your CAs will be motivated to help build your practice when they understand what a huge difference they can make.

With nearly 25 years of continual chiropractic office management experience, I really do know what works AND what doesn’t. In this 1-hour presentation (all you need is a computer…no travel expenses) I will be teaching your team:

  • How to decode the messages your front desk is sending
  • How to “Be There” physically, mentally and emotionally
  • How to avoid common front desk pitfalls
  • How to ensure congruent front desk messages
  • Organizational systems to improve front desk efficiency and patient flow
  • How to take advantage of front desk opportunities to create referrals, increase retention and eliminate patient balances
  • The 2 critical keys of EVERY positive patient interaction

This month’s course materials weighs in at almost 40 pages of front desk systems that are downloadable in their original file format for easy implementation.

If you can see that it’s worth way more than an hour investment in time and the tuition of just $147 for your entire team to participate if you register as an A.C.E. member (or $227 for April only), then I urge you to register for this course today.

BONUS: Access to Dr. Tom Klapp’s presentation on Creating a Vision and Strategic Plan for Your Practice!

If you have any questions regarding enrollment optionsclick to see your registration options. For any other questions about A.C.E. Chiro-Team Training, please visit: FAQ.

Your team will get lots of practical information with tools for easy implementation…you’ll see profitable results. Register now!


Attract ALL the New Patients You Want

We're all back to the office after a (hopefully) fun and restorative end of the year. Unfortunately, we'll quickly realize that all of the headaches we had sitting there didn't fix themselves while we were gone.

If you're like many of the doctors we speak with, you head into 2019 to solve your new patient attraction issues. If you check your inbox right now, I'm sure you will find piles and piles of gurus sharing their "hacks" or "simply tricks" that bring "piles of patients". Go ahead and check... then delete them all. Let's keep 2019 simple by cutting through the noise and sticking with what really works.

Dr. Tom Klapp has been in practice in Michigan for nearly 40 years, and he has never found a better strategy for attracting new patients than adding a little bit of W.O.W.


Each time he presents his “Workshop on Wellness” (W.O.W.) in the community, he attracts 10-35 new patients to his chiropractic practice. He presents this powerful information to established patients, their families, friends, co-workers, neighbors, local businesses, volunteer groups, schools, and anyone else who wants to hear the most up-to-date, startling information about sickness and more importantly, wellness.

I attended the Klapps’ W.O.W. presentation at Life Vision. Dr. Tom and Kim give you the opportunity to have a quantum leap in new patients IN THE NOW. I have attended many programs in my 60 years of practice and this is by far the cleanest, clearest and simplest method of just DOING IT!  Do not procrastinate, take advantage of what they have to offer.  Not only will you be happy but you also will start many patients on the road to good health.—Chuck Ribley, DC

Dr. Tom and Kim Klapp will teach your team exactly how to schedule, organize, promote and present a successful Workshop on Wellness (W.O.W.) for the January A.C.E. Chiro-Team Training course. This one-hour presentation is available online in both video and audio format, so your entire team can access it however and whenever it’s convenient for them NOW until the end of the month.

You and your team will learn (from people who currently own and run a successful office in Michigan) how you can turn these W.O.W.s into an absolute new-patient generation machine! They average a 90% appointment rate for each workshop!

This W.O.W. uses information about nutrition, nutritional supplementation, exercise, fitness, stress management, etc. to lead the listener directly into your chiropractic practice.

Dr. Tom shares his actual 30-minute presentation during this course so you can see for yourself exactly what is taught and how it is presented, but more importantly, why it is so powerful at attracting new patients. You can even download his PowerPoint presentation at no additional charge! Dr. Tom and Kim will show you, through the included materials EXACTLY how to add 10-35 new patients to your practice every time you present this workshop.

Have you tried to do workshops in the past but couldn’t draw a crowd? Don’t worry, we show you how to attract dozens of people to your workshop every time.

Course materials include:

  • Dr. Tom’s W.O.W. PowerPoint presentation
  • Step-by-step details to organize a Lunch & Learn, Dinner or other W.O.W. forum
  • 5 avenues for promoting your W.O.W. to ensure a full room
  • All the marketing materials you need for success
  • Timeline and checklist to systemize your W.O.W.s
  • Plus scripting, templates, handouts and MORE!

If you can see that it’s worth way more than an hour investment in time and the tuition of just $147 for your entire team to participate if you register as an A.C.E. member (or $227 for January only), then I urge you to register for this course today.

This month’s PDF of course materials is over 75 pages and includes our ENTIRE STEP-BY-STEP SYSTEM. All are downloadable in their original file format for easy implementation. The sooner you register, the longer you will have access to this month’s online course 24/7. Register today to give your CAs the training, tools and systems to increase your practice success!

Thanks to these A.C.E. members for sharing what their practice gained from this topic:

The system that the Klapps have offered is tried and true. Even better–it’s simple! We love it!–Deborah

A big thank you to Dr. Klapp for his W.O.W. presentation. I definitely learned a lot and do plan on sharing the information that he presented to our own patients and my own friends and family. I really appreciated it; it is a GREAT course. If I were new to chiropractic and heard this seminar I would definitely be making an appointment!–Bonnie

The doctor and I both benefited from this! You’ve done a great job simplifying the process and helping us to overcome our fear!

Loved the presentation–great health information. Received lots of good info that will help me personally as well as help me educate our patients and be able to talk to them more about their health and make suggestions. Thanks for the great tools for us to use.

Our first talk went exceptionally well! Every guest who attended signed up for an appointment within the week! We’ve already scheduled our next dinner!–Dr. Barone

If you have any questions regarding enrollment optionsclick to see your registration options. For any other questions about A.C.E. Chiro-Team Training, please visit: FAQ.

IF YOU’RE NOT HAPPY, I’M NOT HAPPY: If after participating in your first course, you decide that it wasn’t worth the price you paid, you’ll get your entire tuition back. There’s nothing to lose. Just notify Kim in writing within 7 days.

Now is a fabulous time to join; February’s topic is: “Chiropractic Philosophy for CAs.” Click to view a schedule of all A.C.E. Chiro-Team Training topics. Plus, CAs who participate in all 14 core topics receive A.C.E. certification.

Rather than being overwhelmed at a weekend seminar, your team can focus on just one fundamental topic each month and identify their action steps for growth. Plus, your CAs will complete an A.C.E. Journal each month so that you can hold them accountable for their commitments.

This effective CA Coaching is just $147 for your entire office per month. Plus, the tuition includes the “Members Only” online Synergy Forum where your CAs can connect with other CAs to find out what other offices are doing to continually grow. Your CAs can access literally thousands of years of CA experience! This mastermind service is included with membership and is extremely valuable. Your CA’s questions will be answered…not only about this month’s topic, but about any issue that your office is currently facing…what is that worth? Join today.

PLUS: registration includes UNLIMITED SUPPORT directly with Kim and/or Dr. Tom Klapp (in successful practice since 1980).

Membership in A.C.E. Chiro-Team Training is a no-brainer. Your CAs will become motivated and skilled at increasing the success of your practice. In addition, there are no hidden fees: no administrative fees, no cancellation fees, no duration requirements. You may cancel your A.C.E. membership at any time with just 15 days written notice. You stay and pay only as long as you’re happy with the return on your investment.

Your team will get lots of practical information with tools for easy implementation…you’ll see profitable results. Register now!


CA Communication Mastery = Practice Success

First impressions are everything, right?

Well, guess what? You don’t make your own first impression at your practice. Your CAs do.

In fact, think about how much of what goes on in the patient’s experience with your office that doesn’t include you at all. Quite a bit, right?

One of the most obvious differences between a challenged practice and a thriving, profitable one is how well your CAs communicate with your patients and the rest of the world on your behalf.

Chiropractic Communication Strategies

You may have GREAT communication skills and a disarming style that keeps people coming back. But if your staff doesn’t know effective methods for doing the same, you’ll never get to the level you know you can operate at.

You don’t have time to take them under your wing and teach them how to communicate, because you’re busy working with patients and running your practice!

That’s where I come in.

  • When your practice is having issues, you see more of the following things happening:
  • Patients canceling their appointments because they’re sick
  • Patients dropping out of care because they “feel fine”
  • Referrals never happening despite promises from patients
  • Staff not being “in it to win it” with you
  • Testimonials have to be begged for and harped on until you become a pest
  • Patients don’t follow their recommendations for care
  • Short-term care typically yields short-term results, pushing patients away to other options for care

If you’re experiencing these issues, it’s probably not because your CAs are actively working against you! They just need a hand with effective strategies built for CAs along with the training they need to learn and implement them.

This month, we’re highlighting all of this and much more as we deliver one of our most popular programs: CA Communications Mastery for Thriving Practices. During this training, we will teach your CAs:

  • The R.I.C.H. foundation for long-term patients
  • How to deliver the most important information your patients need to know
  • How to stack the deck in their favor to make every patient encounter a success
  • Seamless tactics for promoting positivity
  • The questions that are most important to patients (and what they really want to hear)
  • Simple steps to improving appointment compliance by at LEAST 20%
  • …and quite a bit more!

Getting involved is simple AND incredibly affordable. When you join the Assistants for Chiropractic Excellence (ACE) program for $147, you’ll gain immediate access to this training program and all of the associated benefits. Your team can start learning the materials right away and will be able to move ahead at their own pace. Each month, we will dive deep into a practical, tactical training program that brings immense value to your staff, your practice, and - MOST IMPORTANTLY - your patients. For $147 per month, you’ll continue to gain access to these pivotal trainings in a platform that gives your team the freedom they need to dive in, learn the materials, and do wonderful things with the results.

If you’re not thrilled with the program and what we’re doing to make it easy to empower your staff, just send us a note at any time in the first 7 days and we will refund your purchase. Spoiler alert: this RARELY happens! The ACE program was built BY a successful CA FOR successful CAs, and the results will amaze you.
Let’s get started!

For $147 per month, you will receive access to our highly rated, success-centered CA training programs that will make it so incredibly easy to train AND retain the kind of talent that will keep you focused on your patients and your passions!

Have Questions? Send us a message!