CA Excellence Coaching will empower your team with everything they need to know in order to streamline operations, attract & retain more patients, and boost your profits.

"You’re great! I have my CAs sign up for all of your topics. They love it because you have practical info we can use every day - not just a bunch of fluff.”


How We Help Your Office

Referrals &

Teamwork &
Less Turnover

& Profits

Less Stress
and More

Imagine the difference that well-trained CAs who are focused on continual growth could make in your practice.

Registration includes:

• ON DEMAND ACCESS to the no-fluff comprehensive video training modules targeted at sharing the most important materials so you can quickly learn and implement them.

• DOWNLOADABLE TOOLS, forms & scripts for easy customization

• UNLIMITED SUPPORT with Kim Klapp to help you with any practice challenge!

Top Questions

Do you offer any support with the courses?

Absolutely! We are ready to answer your questions and solve any problems that may come along. Simply use the member support form or send us an email. CA Excellence Coaching includes unlimited support!

How much time do I need to set aside?

We know how unrealistic and stressful it would be to try to overhaul your systems while you’re running the practice. With that in mind, we’ve created the CA Excellence courses so that your team can get in, get the materials, and then master them through their day-to-day work. Each Coaching Course is approximately an hour, but you can break the training into whatever length of time works best for you.

I’m not very techie. Will I be okay?

We didn’t build A.C.E. on a platform that requires any special knowledge or skills to operate. In order to make it easy, you’ll have access to step-by-step instructions as well as video training.

Is there telephone support?

Absolutely! So many others hide behind email support, but we make time for YOU. If you have a pressing matter, don’t wait for the exhausting back-and-forth of “email-only” support. Pick up the phone, get your questions answered, then get back to work!


“Our stats have improved due to ideas from Assistants for Chiropractic Excellence!”

“I’ve seen growth in the number of referrals and new patients over the last few months since becoming a member!”

“With the strategies we’ve learned, our volume has increased and we’ve had non-stop new patients and also reactivations!”

“We have come a long way since starting A.C.E. six months ago. It’s great information & easy to implement!”—Katie, LA

“Our office visits have gone up along with new patients and referrals!”

“Our office has reached our goal of 300 patient appointments.”- Lauren

“Each action step that we have put into place has always brought us wins. I really appreciate everything that we have learned. This is a great experience it makes us take a look at everything we are doing even the great things and see if we can improve. Thank you so very much Kim.”-Vivian

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