Associate Doctor Hiring and Training

In his 41 years of practice, Dr. Tom Klapp hired and trained more than 35 associate doctors of chiropractic. In all but a couple cases, the experience was extremely positive for Dr. Klapp AND the associate doctors.

Unfortunately, too many owner-doctors and associate doctors have had the opposite experience. The Associate Doctor Hiring and Training Guide© was created to eliminate bad experiences for the owner and the associate doctor—forever!

GREAT NEWS: The Training Guide was updated in 2023!

In this one-of-a-kind guide, you will learn:

  • The 8 major reasons you may want to hire an associate doctor

  • The 5 major reasons you may NOT want to hire an associate doctor

  • How to know if and when you are ready to hire an associate doctor

  • How to determine the appropriate pay for an associate doctor

  • Whether the associate doctor you hire should be an employee, contractor or some other arrangement

  • How to find good candidates

  • How to pre-qualify your candidates before you ever meet them—saving both of you time and money

  • How to conduct an interview that will virtually guarantee a successful relationship

  • How to identify your candidates’ chiropractic belief systems and determine if they are compatible with your own

  • Which chiropractic colleges—if any—produce the best doctors

  • Why an

  • IRON-CLAD no-compete agreement is absolutely necessary

  • to the success of the owner-associate doctor relationship

  • What EVERY no-compete agreement MUST contain to be enforceable in a court

  • What to do if the unthinkable (the associate doctor steals your patients and opens an office next door) happens AND how to make sure it NEVER DOES

  • Who should pay for the associate’s professional liability insurance

  • Many other insights, tips and suggestions to assure a positive, profitable and mutually-beneficial owner-associate relationship

Also included with The Associate Doctor Hiring and Training Guide© are the following bonuses:

  • Actual Associate Doctor Contract—written by an attorney who specializes in contract law. The contract comes complete with the essential no-compete agreement. (This bonus alone is easily worth the cost of the Guide!)

  • ACE Program’s Capacity Audit—determine your practice’s true capacity to see patients AND if an associate doctor will be profitable or not

  • Associate Doctor Training Manual—All the things an associate doctor must know about your practice to be effective and successful

  • Associate Doctor Teaching Sequence—The exact sequence of what to teach the associate and when to teach it

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