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 Chiro-phile Kim

Kim KlappWhile managing First Choice Chiropractic since 1995, Kim Klapp has spoken for LifeVision, ChiroEurope, Parker, Master’s Circle, Five Star and numerous state associations. An author and coach, she founded Assistants for Chiropractic Excellence (A.C.E.) in 2000 which provides quality CA coaching and team training via monthly online courses. Kim Klapp teaches chiropractic teams the most up-to-date techniques and communication strategies for generating more referrals, collections and patient compliance.

“I created Assistants for Chiropractic Excellence (A.C.E.) in 2000 when there was a massive dearth of quality resources for chiropractic assistants. While many DC-based coaching companies have added some CA training to their programs, they remain focused primarily on the chiropractor. Alternatively, A.C.E. is focused on the the entire team. Why? CAs are the gatekeeper for new patients, referrals, retention and collections in a chiropractic office; CAs are truly the most valuable asset in your practice. Furthermore, I actually currently run a chiropractic office in Michigan. Unlike many other coaches and chiropractic gurus, the success strategies that I teach are not based on theory, or what used to work, but on high-volume profitable practice in today’s environment. Whether your practice is long established or brand new, whether you have one CA or a large team, there’s always room for growth. I’m looking forward to helping your team reach new levels of excellence.”—Kim Klapp


  • Team Leader of First Choice Chiropractic of Ann Arbor, 1995 – Present
  • Team Leader of First Choice Chiropractic of Northville, 2001 – 2012
  • Director and Coach of the A.C.E. Program (Assistants for Chiropractic Excellence), founded in 2000
  • National co-presenter of B.O.L.T. (Benefit-Oriented Long-Term) Chiropractic Seminars with Dr. Tom Klapp, 1996 – 2002
  • Speaker for CA Extravaganzas, Michigan Chiropractic Association/Council, 1998 – Present
  • Speaker for many state chiropractic associations, 1996 – Present
  • 2X+1 Mastermind Coach, 2000 – 2001
  • Guest speaker for The Masters Circle, 2001
  • Guest speaker for Parker Seminars, 2003
  • Guest speaker for Five Star Management, 2007, 2008
  • Guest speaker for ChiroEurope, 2012, 2013
  • Author of Office Systems Reference Guide © 2000, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014
  • Author of articles published in numerous chiropractic newspapers and magazines including: Dynamic Chiropractic, Today’s Chiropractic, Chiropractic Economics and LifeStyles
  • Contributing author for Creating a Fitness & Wellness Profit Center © 2005
  • Executive Coordinator of the Michigan Chiropractic Association, 1994 – 1995
  • Supervisory Committee Member of the Chiropractic Federal Credit Union, 1995 – 2015
  • Distinguished Contribution Award, Michigan Chiropractic Council, 2001
  • President’s Award, Michigan Chiropractic Council, 1995, 1997
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree with Academic Honors, University of Michigan, 1993

Kim with husband, Dr. Tom Klapp,
and their daughter, Tori.