When the practice gets busy, the staff is on edge.
When the staff is on edge, patients don’t get the experience you KNOW they can get from your office.
When patients don’t get the right experience, they stop coming.
When they stop coming, you panic.

Does that process feel familiar? I’ve heard it from SO MANY doctors over the years.

The reality is that a practice can’t grow until it can maximize the flow of patients AND profits.

If you don’t have everything nailed down, you’re probably reluctant to spend much in advertising to find new patients, too.

All of these issues lead back to an ineffective, unprofitable business that runs you ragged and scares away great talent.

This month, we’re going to show you how to put small changes in place that will lead to BIG impacts.

In this one-hour course, your team will learn:

  • How to achieve congruence with the doctor’s practice vision
  • How to create simple and effective systems
  • How to constructively handle potential stressors
  • Keys to patient and staff compliance
  • How to build a growth-oriented team
  • Patient and team communication systems
  • Personnel, patient and office policies
  • New CA training systems
  • Internal communication systems
  • Team accountability systems
  • Communication systems with patients
  • Office systems for processing patients

Does that seem overwhelming? I promise you that it’s not. By the end of this month, you’ll finally “see” what it takes to have a well-oiled machine for an office. You’ll understand the difference between the mistakes you’ve made (over and over again) and the best practices that drive incredible results.

This course includes 90 pages of course handouts and sample forms plus the downloadable files to easily and effortlessly streamline your practice systems. In addition, registration comes with unlimited support via phone or email with Kim Klapp!

Join us today and make March your time for establishing congruence, dealing with stress, and crafting a signature operating plan that makes it easy to grow as you master your flow!