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ROF & Second Visit Systems


Not only will your CAs better understand chiropractic care, they will also learn the 4 keys to patient retention and practice success. Find out why:

  • 99.9% of our new patients attend our Doctor’s Report

  • They rave about it (even if they’ve been under chiropractic care elsewhere)

  • They commit to chiropractic care beyond pain and symptom relief

  • They comply with the doctor’s recommendations

  • They understand how we objectively measure their nerve function

  • Your CAs make a HUGE difference–especially immediately after the ROF

Includes our incredible ROF & Doctor’s Report video for new patients!

Feedback from offices like yours

“Implementing treatment plans and ROFs have upped our average collections!”

“I now realize how important education is and how it keeps patients understanding the benefits of chiropractic beyond pain relief.”

“We have done a great job communicating the importance of chiropractic care, especially to new patients.”

“I learned how to better explain to our patients the difference between corrective care and relief care.”

“We have become more enthusiastic and in turn have had more of an increase in client compliance with attendance.”

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