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Patient Education Systems


  • 8 strategies to help the message “click”

  • How to master these 3 issues to move from “click to stick”:

    1. Dealing with the cause

    2. Symptoms: Friend or Foe?

    3. Symptom Free vs. Healthy

  • Effective metaphors for symptom-treatment, long-term care and nerve interference that really hit home

  • To communicate the difference between being asymptomatic and healthy

  • To connect with patients in a way that makes a difference to the success of your practice

Feedback from offices like yours

“We have found that with more patient education and appreciation, we are getting more referrals and more patient retention.”

“Educating patients more on the benefits of chiropractic has increased our patients keeping their appointments.”

“It got me re-excited about learning, educating and being better at my job.”

“Your education ideas were great! I hope to inspire our team to be more vocal about educating patients on a day-to-day basis and I’d like to see us incorporating some of your fun ideas.”

“Knowing the importance of patient education has made me more conscious of when a patient mentions a family member or friend who could benefit from chiropractic.”

“We have had more patients tell us that they better understand the importance of chiropractic and how it benefits their lives.”

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