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Team-Building Systems


  • Team communication strategies to keep everyone on the same page

  • How to run a positive, productive and growth-oriented team meeting

  • Making sure you have the right CAs on your team

  • How to hold your team accountable

  • How to avoid “turf wars”

  • Creating a win-win bonus system that really works

  • Keeping your team on-purpose

  • How to empower your CAs to reach practice goals without stress

  • Incorporating visualization to reach practice goals

  • Empowering your CAs to handle conflict

  • Avoiding miscommunications that create stress

  • Getting rid of office drama

Feedback from offices like yours

"We have reiterated the importance of making sure the patient is the most important thing in the office. We’re going out of our way to WOW them, and they are far more likely to stick to their care plan and to refer new patients to our office.” – Dave

“I am more educated in talking with our patients, friends and family about chiropractic. We have increased in new patients and most are from referrals! I definitely want to give each and every one of our patients a “wow” experience!” – Jennifer

“By improving our prospective patient script, we feel more connected to the new patient and they also are more connected to the office. Since we improved it, we have not had any new patients miss their appointment!” – Amanda“

After really focusing on new patients and patient procedures, I feel confident in our new patient WOW experience. Now I look forward to new patients because they are so much fun!” – Lindsey

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