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Insurance Payment Collections Systems


Your team will learn to:

  • Masterfully systemize your insurance billing and collections

  • Prevent rejections and delays

  • Overcome collections obstacles

  • Incorporate effective time-management strategies for claims tracking

  • Deal with stall tactics

  • Successfully make collections calls

  • Increase your cash flow

  • Create an effective claims tracking system

Feedback from offices like yours

“Thanks Kim for all the GREAT information! Got almost $3,000 from one insurance company using the insurance tracker form you shared with us. WOW!” – Bonnie

"We’ve been doing a way better job at making sure all new patients info is put in correctly before billing. We met all of last month’s goals!” – Brittany & Rachel

“I’m staying on top of claims and patient payments and insurance collections. No waiting until it is out of control.” – Carol

“My aging report is making huge progress!” – Rachel

“I have been able to collect on claims that are a year old!”

“This past month we have collected on several delinquent accounts that I have been unsuccessful at in the past. I feel my confidence and communication skills have improved.”

​“We are developing solutions for insurance stall tactics to INCLUDE PATIENT PARTICIPATION to eliminate the “HE SAID-SHE SAID” scenarios with ins. companies that position our patients against us. Plus, all of our patients are referring more than ever before!!! Thank you KIM!” – Dawn

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