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Appointment and Recall Systems


Your team will learn:

  • How to prevent missed appointments which increases collections

  • The most effective scheduling techniques

  • How to handle scheduling obstacles

  • Avoiding unconscious sabotage on the phone and at the front desk

  • Virtually eliminate no-shows

  • Today's recall strategies for both new and established patients

  • How to ensure that your patients don’t end up M.I.A.


Feedback from offices like yours

“Wow!…is all I can say about this course. It addressed so many issues about scheduling and attitude and is helping us to change our practice. This course was worth the entire price of Gold Membership. It is the meat and potatoes plus the finesse that separates the truly well-run practices from the struggling ones.” – Dr. Cynthia Shaft-Toll

"Our rescheduling numbers have gone up and our reactivations have also!!!”

“We are able to schedule patients out 4 weeks in advance with no problem!”

“Our team has really improved on getting appointments rescheduled rather than cancelled.”

“We have been tracking our new patients better and it’s working! People are keeping their appointments and our office visits are up!”

“I realized that even though we think we are doing a good job, there is a lot of room for improvement. Enjoyed getting information on how to communicate better with patients. Using some of the tips you mentioned, I got a patient who NEVER scheduled her next appointment to start scheduling!”

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