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Front Desk Systems


Empower your front desk CA in all the ways they can drive the growth of your practice from the front desk. Your team will learn:

  • How to make sure your front desk environment is sending the right messages

  • How to harness the power of focus at the front desk

  • How to avoid front desk pitfalls that lead to patient balances and will-calls

  • The VIP treatment to build relationships

  • How to reinforce that chiropractic care is essential

  • How to maintain the right state at the front desk: physically, mentally & emotionally

  • 5 easy ways to create referrals from the front desk

  • Organizational systems to increase practice capacity and patient volume

  • Communication strategies to increase collections and patient retention

Feedback from offices like yours

“We boosted collections and implemented the front desk duty checklist.”

“I’ve been working daily on giving great customer service on the phone and in person.”

“We have added new systems to our front desk to help us be better organized. I’m focusing more on the patients.”

“I feel more confident when speaking with patients.”“

It helped me become more organized and effective.”

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