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Patient Payment Systems


In this course, your team will learn:

  • How to increase payments TODAY at the front desk

  • How to collect pre-payments with the right financial consultation

  • How to prevent collection problems with clear communication

  • How to break through the 6 most common barriers to collections

  • The 3 critical components of an effective fee plan

  • How to handle and overcome objections about finances

  • Plus MUCH MORE

Feedback from offices like yours

“Our patient payments have increased!” – Kay

“We have collected more money since using the techniques from this topic.” – Renee

“We have increased our collections with daily payments and more patients on cash plans. I’ve personally gained confidence with collecting.” – Heather

“We have really cut down on any patient balances. All our CAs are stepping up to collect.” – Mary Kay

“This course helped me become more confident and get rid of my fear of speaking to patients about their balances.”

“We are collecting more money, and making sure patient balances are zero, if not a credit.” – Melissa & Nikki

“Patients are sticking to care programs better now. Patient numbers are growing again. Plus, we’re not having to send out as many statements as before.” – Stacy

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