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Communications Systems


Your team will learn:

  • The R.I.C.H. foundation to communication for long-term patients

  • How to avoid sending the wrong non-verbal message

  • Listener strategies that build stronger connections to patients

  • How to avoid mixed messages, miscommunications and communication don’ts

  • How to ask strategic questions to get more referrals, collections, compliance, etc.

  • 5 strategies to delivering your important message

  • How to incorporate rapport and matching for more effective communication

Feedback from offices like yours

“The Pat Responses are awesome. They answer clients’ questions without being vague or beating around the bush. Our office has met our goals and we have had a great month for patient compliance and referrals thanks to our good communication skills and focusing on our message to our patients.”

“I’ve changed the way I say things to patients and it has made a difference. Patients are more compliant with positive impact questions.”

“I’ve started answering more questions with confidence. I’m more on top of getting missed appointments back in, thanking the patients, and expecting more from everything.”

“I have actually noticed much stronger connection in a shorter amount of time spent with patients!”

“Since focusing on better communication, the clinic flow is continually improving!”

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