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  Product Listing

$277 (A.C.E. Basic Members: $172; Gold Members: FREE)
Each time Dr. Tom Klapp presents his ”Workshop on Wellness” (W.O.W.) in the community, he attracts 5-35 new patients to his chiropractic practice. This package includes everything you need to turn these “W.O.W.’s” into an absolute new-patient generation machine! This W.O.W. utilizes information about nutrition, nutritional supplementation, exercise, fitness, stress management, etc. to lead the listener directly into your chiropractic practice. See COMMUNITY WORKSHOPS for more details.

$277 (A.C.E. Basic Members: $172; Gold Members: FREE)
Includes Dr. Tom Klapp’s amazing Doctor’s Report for educating new patients so they choose corrective and wellness chiropractic care. See ROF & SECOND VISIT STRATEGIES for more details.

$397 (A.C.E. Members: $297)
This comprehensive guide contains everything you need to determine if, when, who and how to hire an associate DC while making it a win-win situation. Includes a contract, capacity audit, training manual and teaching sequence. READ MORE

$247 (A.C.E. Members: $147)
A 67-minute power-packed online course plus all the tools you need to find, interview, train and retain the right staff. Materials include: Personnel Policy; Computer Use Policy; Employment Application; New CA Training Timeline; Training Logs; Employee and Team Evaluations; and a CA Appreciation Survey. READ MORE

$497 (A.C.E. Basic Members: $397; Gold Members: $297)
A data file (in Microsoft Word format) of 255 pages of the procedures, scripts, policies and systems we utilize in our high-volume, high-profit, low-stress office that you can modify to suit your office. Allow it to serve as a prototype that you can fully customize for your office. What’s more, over 100 forms are included in the Forms Appendix (Microsoft Office format), so you can quickly and easily implement the forms you like in your own office. READ MORE

$277 each

Each manual is customized for your office by Edie Hofmann. We use them for our office; they make compliance so easy that I can’t recommend them enough! It has everything you need: policies, procedures, job descriptions, forms and more. READ MORE


Section 6401(a)(7) of the Affordable Care Act requires physicians who treat Medicare beneficiaries to establish a compliance program–This manual was created by Edie Hofmann (Edie Ruark Dahlhauser) and we use it for our office. It made compliance so easy that I can’t recommend it enough! READ MORE

CA Success Systems

$297 (A.C.E. Members: $197)

A quick, simple and effective 4-module online video presentation presentation with handouts to get a new or existing CA up and running. This 2-hour program covers the fundamentals about chiropractic, mindset, excellent service, telephone, scheduling and running the front desk as quickly as possible to get every new CA started out on the right foot. READ MORE

$147 per month
Includes a one-hour online video presentation each month on one of fourteen core topics plus access to the online Synergy Forum, monthly course materials, and one-on-one Q&A with Kim or Dr. Tom Klapp via email or phone. You may cancel your membership at any time with 15 days written notice (via mail, fax or email) with no further obligation. READ MORE

Includes all the benefits of the A.C.E. Program (above) for a pre-pay 10% discount on all 14 core topics plus complimentary access to the previous year of archived courses by request. READ MORE

$277 each (A.C.E. Basic Members: $172; Gold Members: FREE)
Includes 30-days access to the archived course  with corresponding course materials. See ARCHIVED COURSES for more details.

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